Rebecca Wright / GraphicDesign&

Rebecca Wright, (Academic Director Communication Design, Course Director BA (Hons) Graphic Design / BA (Hons) Graphic Design and Photography) - I know! In short, Rebecca is Benio's tutor. Not only is Rebecca a great mentor and leader, she also runs 'GraphicDesign&':

"Taking the Bliss Bibliographic Classification system as a framework, each GraphicDesign& book, event or exploration connects graphic design to another subject area. From philosophers to chemists, anthropologists to economists, psychologists to theologians, every GraphicDesign& output is a bespoke collaboration between graphic designers and experts from other fields. 
GraphicDesign& is the creation of Lucienne Roberts and Rebecca Wright. They are an unusual combination. A pessimist and an optimist; a practitioner and design educator; one rooted in typography, the other in image-making. Both are idealists, but not unrealistic, and passionate enthusiasts for their subject."

Rebecca gave Benio a green light on Butcher's Hook becoming one of his main projects for his third and final year. This has given us a real boost to get going - it means he'll be getting expert advice and opinions from his tutors (other highly respected professionals, of whom we'll blog about a bit later). It also means that we won't be working as much overtime, trying to mix Uni, BH and work!
Thanks Rebecca, we're looking forward to your professional input!