Who are Butcher's Hook?

After a collective experience of 10 years studying Art, Design and Technology, Graphic Design, Advertising and Moving Image, Ben and James and Josh (Butcher's Hook), decided to avoid the convention of applying our talents as juniors in pre-existing agencies. We’ve always had fantastic creative chemistry, not to mention the uncontrollable desire to take it to the next level, as professional designers.

A year down the line, having taken every opportunity to develop mostly ANY and EVERY client that approached us, we had achieved an established identity. This identity earned us our very own shop front studio, on Golbourne road, W10 (hold tight for pictures!).

Over the last year we have been working for a variety of delighted clients. Coupling our relocation with our knowledge and experience so far, we aim to improve and expand our existing reputation and healthy client base. This, in turn will increase our turnover and further our opportunity for growth.
Therefore, we’d like to propose a manifesto with a simple, but not simplistic sentence:  we get the job done, we do it well and we always will.