Idea Conservation

Butcher's Hook recently learnt the following:

The number of thoughts you have in one day massively overweighs the number of words you speak. FACT. Even if you can rap as fast as WATSKY (check that out...!!).

Unfortunately, most of our thoughts are never communicated and only exist within the complex cavities of our cavernous minds. Sometimes, they sink so deep, we don't even fathom their existence... They stay down there, hidden away from everyone. Your head is a gold mine.

So here's to those ideas that we get when we do a handstand, when we're pretending to listen to a nagging parent, when we're on the toilet and the ones we get when we first open our eyes in the morning. All those times when something random wiggles its way out of those dark passages in our brains, and make it all the way to the surface. Butcher's Hook encourages you to cherish them. Write them down quickly, chuck it on your phone, tell someone - anything to keep it alive!

Take that idea for a walk. Push it over the edge. Kill it, resuscitate it then tease it, until it explodes. Throw the idea around, then pick it up and kiss it till it feels better. Develop it, build on it, pass it on, DO SOMETHING WITH IT!

Just never take them for granted - you never know what kind of treasure you're sitting on.

We also found this EXTREMELY interesting: